Mel Gibson’s Loss is Liam Neeson’s Gain: Rob Roy Star To Join Hangover 2

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Liam Neeson poses for photographers to promote the film 'The A-Team'


Ireland strikes a decisive blow against Australia in the battle of former British colonies.

Sometimes NewsFeed feels as if it is caught up in a gigantic news tornado, in which no matter how much news we feed to the NewsFeed machine, we somehow find ourselves perpetually behind. Such a storm has whipped us frequently this week whenever we try to write about The Hangover 2. No sooner did we report that Mel Gibson would have a cameo in the film than it came out that Gibson had been canned; as soon as we reported that his cameo has been dropped, it was revealed that his part will be taken up by Liam Neeson. Neeson reportedly took the gig at the request of Hangover star Bradley Cooper, who acted alongside the Irishman in this summer’s The A-Team.

The casting of Neeson, of course, breaks the embryonic tradition in the Hangover series of having an outrageous misogynist ‘redeem’ himself with a humorous cameo in the film. (Convicted rapist Mike Tyson charmed audiences in the first film by singing along to a Phil Collins song.) To NewsFeed’s knowledge, the only bad thing Liam Neeson has done in his whole life is release a kraken, and that was for a movie.

Neeson and Gibson previously shared the screen in 1984’s The Bounty. What added dimension that factoid brings to this story is unknown as of yet. (via The A.V. Club)