Reading While Eating for October 22: Your Friday Acid Trip

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German Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer wears 3D glasses as he watches a Virtual Reality Powerwall during a visit to the Airbus facility near Hamburg.

REUTERS/Christian Charisius

Finally — you’ve made it through the week. Celebrate with a link cocktail.

Charging Changes: Credit-card technology was first developed in the 1950s. Now, companies are giving plastic a long-awaited makeover. (New York Times)

Poor Logic: Is there really a “culture of poverty” keeping people poor? One writer argues culture has little to do with poverty, and the perception of such a culture harms the poor. (Salon)

Name Neighbors: Our name is NewsFeed, and thus we’re obligated to give you this link. The Daily Beast is decoding that other “News Feed” — the one on Facebook — to show you how certain friends show up more than others. (The Daily Beast)

Touring Thespians: Next time you visit Hollywood, keep in mind that your tour guide is probably an aspiring actor whose dreams are being slowly crushed. What a great vacation! (Los Angeles Times)

Tune In: Today would have been LSD pioneer Timothy Leary’s 90th birthday. Take a trip through his life through photos. (LIFE)

Ingenious Innovation: Leave it to the Japanese to revolutionize soda-can technology with the tiniest ridge. (

Elsewhere on Didn’t get your viral video fix from NewsFeed? Check out’s 5 best viral videos of the week.

Must-See: You know who else thought the rent was too damn high? The old man from Up. Finally, the mashup is here. (via Urlesque)