Dial 0 For Sex Addict Chaperones: Best Western Releases List of Oddest Hotel Requests

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A baker puts the finishing touches to a giant cake marking the 30th birthday of Best Western Hotels.

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Seven foot beds, reiki classes for dogs, only blue food — all are among the oddest requests Best Western has received from guests.

The hotel chain has released a list of the most off-the-wall things their guests have asked for. Going beyond demands for clean sheets or an extra cot, the list includes some of the most bizarre requests that NewsFeed has ever heard.

The majority of the strange requests reportedly were made by groups and organizations hoping to hold meetings or conferences at Best Western. One group holding a lawnmower convention asked that the guests be able to mow the grounds themselves in order to test out new equipment. Another company asked if circus training could be provided to all its employees.

So what was the oddest request that Best Western received this year? A slew of single rooms with staff chaperones to watch over them for a convention of sex addicts. The organizers wanted to ensure each addict made it to bed–alone–at the end of the night.

Tim Wade, Best Western’s head of marketing, says they take all requests in stride–and always try to accommodate them “no matter  how off the wall they may be.”

Well, at least there’s no need to feel guilty about requesting all those extra towels next time, is there? (via the Telegraph)