If You Must Know – Tumblr Clarifies What “Muslim Garb” Is

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T-shirt available from the Tumblr blog Muslims Who Wear Things. (Image via Muslims Who Wear Things)

Did you find yourself wondering exactly what Juan Williams meant by “Muslim garb” when he expounded on his air travel fears on The O’Reilly Factor?

NewsFeed did too. Luckily for all of us, there is a Tumblr account that shows us what sort of “garb” he must be referring to. Muslims Wearing Things provides a thorough, photographic detailing of the sort of things that Muslims can be found wearing on any given day. Garb like t-shirts. And argyle. And hockey jerseys.

The blog even sells garb for “muslims and other people who like to wear things.”

If you find yourself still confused by Williams’ fear, well, chalk that up to his own faulty logic.