Melinda Gates Apparently Takes The Whole Apple-Microsoft Rivalry Quite Personally

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Melinda Gates looks on during the annual Clinton Global Initiative on September 21, 2010 in New York City

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Don’t mention the iPad! (NewsFeed mentioned it once but we think we got away with it!)

This weekend’s New York Times Q&A with Melinda Gates went fairly well at first, with some enlightening back-and-forth about global aid and development. That all stopped when interviewer Deborah Soloman justĀ had to ask Gates about Apple. Soloman started in with cheeky questions about iPods and iPads and the interview suddenly took a turn for the awkward. (Does she own an iPad? “Of course not.”)

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One choice tidbit:

Is it true that Bill works on an Apple laptop?
False. Nothing crosses the threshold of our doorstep.

Wow! We love it when feuds exist in real life without having to be ginned up by the media.