Matt Damon Will Embrace Yankees, Annoy Country, If You Vote Working Families Party

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For his 40th birthday, Matt Damon is asking — wait, Matt Damon is 40? Whoa.

After doing lots of research, NewsFeed has determined that the only thing more annoying than people who walk around in Boston Red Sox caps are people who walk around in New York Yankees hats. So we’re a little curious why Matt Damon would make a 40th-birthday video promising the people of New York that if 200,000 of them vote for the Working Families Party in next week’s elections, he will shoot another video wearing a New York Yankees hat. Why promise to make yourself worse?

According to Damon, the Working Families Party is a progressive political party that is in favor of cheap Metrocards, clean water and more health care reform. In a hint that this video is for New Yorkers only, he even says that last one like it’s a thing people would support. Aww! We’re glad to see even at 40 Matt Damon still has not lost his youthful idealism. (via NYMag)