Pimp My Ride: Granny Edition

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Mobility scooters typically only reach speeds of 13 km/h. Getty Images

A plumber in the UK has suped up his vehicle, broken a world record and now owns the fastest vehicle of its kind–a mobility scooter. 

Colin Furze added a 125cc engine, five gears and twin exhausts to his scooter and rode it  at a raceway near Northampton in the UK, where he reached a staggering speed of 113 km/h.

The scooter, which originally rolled at speeds of around 13 km/h, now rides a little shaky according to 32-year-old Furze. While it holds steady when going straight, “small steering movements have a big effect. Then you end up weaving all over the place. Let’s say it’s not very relaxing,” he said.

What’s next, scooter street racing? (via News.com.au)