Free iPad Engraving: Apple’s 36-Character Gift to You

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Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP (Via

Before embarking on this add-on, NewsFeed suggests that you consider the social repercussions.

Absent-minded, lovey-dovey and/or territorial iPad owners have a new service in their corner. MacWorld reports that with the holiday-shopping season approaching, the Cupertino-based computer gurus are offering free engraving on all purchases made at Messages of up to 36 characters per line (maximum two lines) can be inscribed without charge, adding a personal touch to the touch-screen tablet. (See the iPad in TIME’s list of the all-TIME 100 gadgets)

Just when NewsFeed really got behind the idea, AOL Wallet Pop presented some valid points to consider. For clumsy and/or paranoid iPad enthusiasts who keep their device married to a case, how will the message ever be seen? (See photos of the unveiling of the iPad.)

And speaking of marriage, when searching for a wedding present, stay away from this iPad fad. “Dear Jack and Jane, congratulations you crazy newlyweds! Have a happy 3G honeymoon” sounds great at first glance. But if holy matrimony eventually withers into divorce, the custody battle is bound to be vicious. (See photos of the long, extraordinary career of Steve Jobs.)