Reading While Eating for October 27: Silly Names and Scary Costumes

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Rescue workers try to push a humpback whale that had became stranded back out to sea at Geriba beach in Buzios, outside Rio de Janeiro.

REUTERS/Sergio Moraes

The week is half over. Why not celebrate with some fresh-baked links?

What’s in a Name: A few political candidate names to watch: Krystal Ball, Young Boozer, Isaac Hayes. Does having a silly name help or hurt their chances? (Wall Street Journal)

Small Signs: Are jobs finally coming back in the U.S.? This handy interactive map shows (slightly) positive indications. (Slate)

Geographic Goodies: First, a warning — this will take over your afternoon. Check out MapCrunch, which randomizes Google Street View images, ChatRoulette-style. (TechCrunch)

Mr. (Mad) Man: Remember Mr. Men, those illustrated kids’ books with boxy characters like “Mr. Tickle” and “Mr. Happy?” Relive that nostalgia with a new book that Mad Men-izes a childhood classic. (The Poke, via Jezebel)

Fab Four: What happens when a war photographer leaves the battlefield and focuses on The Beatles? Awesome happens. (LIFE)

Frightening Find: Want to terrify everyone on your block this Halloween? The original creepy-lady costume from those Snickers ads is up for auction. (

Elsewhere on Luckily, New Zealand’s prime minister is allowing The Hobbit to film in his country. But where else could Peter Jackson shoot the film?

Must-See: Greyson Chance, the mini-Bieber whose YouTube fame led to a record deal with Ellen DeGeneres, took to Ellen’s show to perform his first single. He’s a little off-key, but hey, he’s 13! When NewsFeed was 13, all it could focus on was math homework and middle-school crushes, so give Chance a chance. (Sorry.)