Gucci Creates $225 3-D Specs

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3-D technology just got a whole lot sexier.

Gucci has stamped out its own corner in the tech market with a new line of luxury 3-D glasses. The 80s-style aviator plastic specs will retail for $225, and feature that coveted (for some) Gucci logo. Technically speaking, the glasses feature 6-base curved lenses that operate with circular polarized technology, allowing images to trick your eyes into seeing a 3-dimensional picture, and a mirrored coating to help with color contrast. (Most complaints with modern 3-D film conversion focus on how dark or dingy the picture appears.)

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As eye-rolling as the idea of spending more than $200 on a pair of glasses only worn in dark theaters may be, it’s likely that if the 3-D trend continues, it will become entirely normal for people to purchase their own 3-D specs for 3-D viewing in and out of their homes. And if you liken it to the difference between the shoppers who purchase designer sunglasses versus those who won’t pay over $10, the idea doesn’t seem all that off-base. Behold the future. (via Fashionista)

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