The Complete Guide to Sanity: Behold the Highlights of Saturday’s Jon Stewart Rally

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Illustration by Nancy Stahl for TIME

Comedy Central has kept mum about the schedule. The National Park Service (NPS)? Not so much.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that thanks to $10,000 in recovery costs, the Rally to Restore Sanity has secured its permit for Saturday. In the process, the NPS released some goodies slated for Saturday’s long-awaited dose of sanity.

Among the highlights delivered within the 60-page report:
— Noon: pre-show performance by The Roots

— 1:05: Jon Stewart delivers a welcome to a crowd anticipated at more than 200,000 visitors. The Huffington Post-led buses are helping with those gaudy numbers.

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— 1:20: Stephen Colbert joins the fray, with readings by two accompanying actors, Don Novello and Sam Waterston. Will illegal immigration be his leadoff topic?

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— 2:40: The pre-taped Sanity and Fear Awards. Who will take home the hardware? With his ‘Restoring Honor’ rally, Glenn Beck’s in the running.

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