Vladimir Putin Faces Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Sergei Supinskya / AFP / Getty Images

Is Russia going for a new image? 

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s bruised appearance during a trip to the Ukraine left a worldwide rumor mill to wonder if the leader had opted for recent plastic surgery. Putin’s spokesman quickly attempted to shush the gossip, claiming that the so-called bruises on the prime minister’s cheeks were actually just dark spots due to bad lighting. “The light was just falling badly (on his face). The prime minister was very tired,” he told Reuters.

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Still, Western and Russian journalists have been relentless in their joking about Putin’s potential new found plasticity, finding the idea of a world leader opting for a bit of a nip and a tuck all too appealing. As for the prime minister, reports have indicated that his face appeared less bruised Thursday, but strangely shiny, perhaps due to a little makeup. (via Reuters)