Fall (Way) Back: iPhone 4 Makes People Late

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Calling all roosters. Europeans’ faith in machines was tested today, as the iPhone 4 apparently failed to wake many of them up in time for work.

Europe rewound its clocks by an hour yesterday, and while the cells registered the general change, it seems they failed to alert their alarms of the new schedule … meaning hapless human users were awoken an hour late this morning. Indignant citizens did not take it out on all technology, however, as they flew to Twitter to tweet their outrage.

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But arguably they had it better than iPhone 4 users in Australia and New Zealand, who, when the time changed last month, were awoken an hour early.

If you’re reading this in the U.S., wondering why time seems to be ticking along as usual, don’t panic thinking that every single appliance that purports to tell time has it in for you. Not yet, at least. Daylight Saving doesn’t end in the States until next Sunday. If you rely on an iPhone, you might want to set a backup alarm. (via AFP).

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