Actor Playing a Gunman Shot By Guard Who Thought He Actually Was a Gunman

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Lights, Camera, Action. Getty Images

The good news–you’re such a talented actor that people really believe you when you’re in character. The really bad news–your character is a gunman and the person you dupe is a volunteer watchman who shoots you.

Kirk Abella, an actor in the Philippines, was shooting a scene for a British film when he was accosted by community watchman, Eddie Cuizon. Reportedly, Cuizon had been summoned by a local man who said he’d seen masked gunmen in the area.

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Spying two masked men on a motorcycle, Cuizon chased them. The Associated Press reports that he then saw Abella pull a gun (which turned out to be a plastic prop) so he fired a shot at him. The bullet struck Abella in the back and he later died in the hospital.

Community watchmen in the Philippines help the local police–who are themselves known for using excessive force–monitor and patrol areas. The watchmen are typically only equipped with batons and the AP reports that they are not supposed to be carrying guns at all.

Cuizon surrendered to police immediately after realizing what he had done and the chief of police said he will be charged. (via the Associated Press)