Reading While Eating for November 2: A License to Kill

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Haitians celebrating All Hallows visit cemeteries to pay respects to the dead in a two-day national holiday that offers food, alcohol and flowers to Baron Samdi, the guardian of the dead in Voodoo.

REUTERS/ Eduardo Munoz

Waste your time wisely this Tuesday with games, griping and good music.

Top Timewaster: Google Street View can lead to endless fun. In this game, try to guess where a single Street View screenshot is in the world. Sorry if we’ve ruined your productivity. (The Awl)

Screaming Shoppers: In this economic slump, retailers do whatever they can to get your money. Including annoying customers. See what retail habits irk consumers most. (DailyFinance, via Consumerist)

Toasty Techie: This winter, keep your hands warm while staying connected with touchscreen-compatible gloves. How had this not been invented yet? (Gizmodo)

Magnificent Messages: Way back in the day, politicians didn’t make viral videos. Instead, their political posters were true works of art. (LIFE)

More Trouble in Haiti: Forecasters are pointing to a tropical storm that could accelerate into a hurricane before hitting the recovering nation Friday evening. (NewsFeed)

Listen to This: NPR is streaming Cee-Lo Green (of “F— You” fame)’s latest album, The Lady Killer. And it’s really, really good. (NPR, via The Hairpin)

Sneak Preview: Conan O’Brien aired a mini-dress rehearsal of his new TBS show, Conan, and invited The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons along. (

Elsewhere on It’s Election Day! Follow every minute of political news today on The Page.

Must-See: If you miss Mad Men as much as NewsFeed does, then you’ll love this all-bass cover of the theme song. (via Best Week Ever)