Americans, Embrace Your National Debt: 5 Ways to Spend $13 Trillion

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The United States’ national debt was a hot topic in Tuesday’s elections, and it currently stands at an inconceivably huge $13.6 trillion.

To help put things into perspective, Made Man has worked out what else you could buy with all that cash (other than, you know, solvency). In truth, there isn’t a lot that $13 trillion won’t buy you, but here are a few of the lighter ways to spend a pretty penny.

(Photos: Key images of the global financial crisis)

For the small price of one financial crisis, you can book 51,750 straight years of public appearances with the cast of Jersey Shore…though we aren’t sure what you would do with them.

Or, you could reach deep into the pockets of the nation to send one sixth of all Americans to Harvard. Who knows, maybe all those extra economists might actually help to solve the debt crisis.

For $13 trillion, you could extravagantly divorce Elin Nordegren 18,133 times, at $750 million a go, but only if you’re Tiger Woods. Or opt instead to treat the world to some beer – 97 billion kegs of beer, to be precise. The kind of volume required to help the world forget about all those pesky financial meltdowns.

Or you could choose to drown your sorrows in a different way, by filling 1,026,066 swimming pools with chocolate pudding.

That won’t solve any problems, mind you, but with a million swimming pools full of pudding, you’re bound to get people smiling. And once you have people smiling, we’re assuming the rest will just sort of work itself out.

— By Amanda Julius