Russian Teen Hides in Airplane Wheel Well, Survives Freezing Flight

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REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

A teenager decided to run away from his Siberian foster home — and boy, did he take the hard route. 

The 17-year-old climbed aboard the plane, in the small space about the wheel, which was located on a small Siberian airfield.  He went undetected through the entire 50-minute flight and managed to survive the trip, despite being dressed in only a light coat and the temperature in his stowaway spot being an almost unbearable -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

He’s reportedly being treated for frost bite.

What’s troubling about the incident is that it’s not isolated. Earlier this year two separate cases were revealed, of men who were able to sneak aboard flights via the landing gear.

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And it’s not just the landing gear that’s easy to penetrate — last week’s troubling bomb plot revealed that the cargo area on flights are especially vulnerable. So despite all the airport security you have to go through, there’s no guarantee the flight crew knows about everything and everyone on board. (via the Associated Press)