Canada Stays Loyal to Noisy SunChips Bags

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Daniel Acker / Bloomberg via Getty Images

The battle between devout environmentalists and sensitive ears presses on.

Last month, America stamped its fickle stance toward Frito Lay’s SunChips. The brand’s new biodegradable bags allowed customers to capture the multigrain taste, and recycle when complete. But thanks to customers’ complaints over the noise attached to the bags, the company’s U.S. division sacked its earth-savvy product.

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On Thursday, NewsFeed learned that Canada displays greater mettle toward the SunChips clamor. Our friends at Frito Lay north of the border have delivered a public service message to residents, explaining why the company was sticking with its biodegradable bags.

Sustainability head Helmi Ansari notes that Canada had no intention to abandon the green format. While the noise is a nuisance, he stands by the notion that the pluses outweigh the punishment of the piercing sound.

“All you really need to know, is that it is 100% compostable,” Ansari says. “So if you place that bag in a hot active compost pile, in 14 weeks, it goes back to the land…so no waste.”

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Still kvetching? Frito Lay Canada has a democratic backup plan in place. Bring your verbal clamors to — and receive a free set of earplugs. No toughness necessary. (Via Consumerist)