Domino’s Pizza To Pay $31,000 for One Hour of Work

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Domino's Pizza

Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Too good to be true, or shameless promotional item that NewsFeed has totally fallen for?

The Japanese branch of American pizza chain Domino’s announced Thursday that it’s seeking to employ one person for a one-hour job (neither experience nor education is required) and that applicants must be over 18. Domino’s hasn’t said what the hour will entail — more details will be forthcoming next week — but the $31,000 salary equates to 2.5 million yen, which clearly ties in to the 25th anniversary of Domino’s in Japan. And in case you were wondering, the average hourly wage of part-time workers in Japan is roughly 1,000 yen ($12).

A spokesman told Reuters that, “We’re actually a little surprised by how much of a response it’s getting,” which one hopes is being said with tongue firmly in cheek. What’s more, a further Domino’s promotion is being offered to anyone born on September 30 this year (the date that the first Domino’s opened in Japan) as they’ll receive a free pizza on their birthday until they turn 25. (See NewsFeed’s list of favorite McFoods.)

Feel free to use the comments box below to suggest what you think the hour-long gig is all about. NewsFeed’s prediction? You have to deliver a pizza to Godzilla.