Googles Bizarre Search Helper Assumes We Have Parakeets, Diarrhea

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A Mauritius Echo Parakeet

Ed Harris/Reuters

Be warned: the answer to this question might make your head spin.

The query, “Why Wont My Parakeet Eat My Diarrhea?” has rocketed to the top of the Google charts by being a peculiar beneficiary of Google’s automatic search function, which fills out a phrase if a user begins a question with “Why will not…” In layman’s terms, Google takes previous searches from around the world and the specific user and combines them to come up with the suggestion. You might argue this is what the Internet was made for, but NewsFeed couldn’t possibly comment (See pictures of the Google Doodle).

Clearly, some people have at some point in time have genuinely wanted to know about the aforementioned parakeet and/or diarrhea. And by word of mouth (and articles such as this), the surreal question has caught on with people trying out the search function to see the end result for themselves. Hilarity, presumably, has ensued. (See a TIME video on the intelligence of birds.)

NewsFeed is a firm fan of curiosity — and parakeets — but nevertheless wants to offer the following piece of advice: if you put “Google” into the Google search box, your computer will surely explode.