Meet Barack ‘Liberal Claus’ Obama: The Grinch Who Ruins the Tea Party Christmas Book

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Just in time for Christmas, the Tea Party’s David Hedrick brings us a storybook: The Liberal Clause: Socialism on a Sleigh. Yes, really.

Hedrick, who lost his bid for Washington’s 3rd District, weaves the tale of a small town taken over by the “Liberal Party of Elves,” a pernicious band of scowling socialists led by Barack “Liberal Claus” Obama and his sidekick, Elf Peloosi.

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Liberal Claus convinces the people that the “Christmastution” (get it?) has a “Liberal Clause'” (nudge, nudge) that allows him to do whatever he likes. He proceeds to organize workers and bail out the sled industry. When the people object, he ships them “candy cane handouts.”

The “Hineese” (rhymes, of course, with ‘Chinese’) also make a guest appearance. Cast as a group of identical, grinning men holding bags of money, the Hineese loan cash to Liberal Claus so he can buy himself a shiny new sleigh.

So, how does it end? After watching “Ox News” a little girl takes to a rooftop. “The Christmastution is being ignored!” she yells. “If we want to save Christmas, we must stop taking free candy and fire the liberal elves!  Obama, er, Liberal Claus, descends from the sky to yell at her, but his teleprompter comes unplugged and he’s left speechless. Victory. The end.

via Gawker and The Portland Mercury

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