Weekend Wrap-Up: From Jagger’s Take on Richards to Zuckerberg, Up Close and Personal

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

So it’s Monday. The good news: You’ve just had two days off to sleep late and hang out. Bad news: You’re now back at the office and out of the loop as to what’s been happening across the Intrawebs the past two days.

Luckily, NewsFeed has you covered. While you were weekending, we were hard at work collecting the best of the weekend’s must reads and must links. We are also willing to share so you can keep up with the water cooler convos today.

An Open Letter to Would-Be GOP Presidents: Are You Sure You Want The Job? – Walter Shapiro’s satirical column doesn’t deny the possibility that 2012 will see a Republican president–he actually suggests that it seems increasingly likely. But he does point out that given the current state of the country (and its politics) winning could actually feel more like losing, because being the American president is not exactly a tea party. (Politics Daily)

Mexico’s Lost Youth: Generation Narco – As horrifying as the stories that are coming out of Mexico’s drug wars are, perhaps just as horrifying is the increasing number of young people being swept up in them. Despite the murders and the torture, more and more youth are turning to organized crime as a way to make money–because many can’t find employment elsewhere. (TIME)

Generation Why? – Thought you’d read just about everything you could take about The Social Network? Thought that you’d heard everything there was to say about the movie and Mark Zuckerberg’s impact on the way we connect online? Think again. Writer Zadie Smith offers up an insightful and provoking review of both the movie and the way 2.0 people live. (The New York Review of Books)

Please Allow Me To Correct A Few Things – What do you suppose Mick Jagger would have to say in response to Keith Richards’ (largely scathing) autobiography? Find out what Bill Wyman (not the bassist, the journalist) supposes Jagger would say, in this entertaining follow-up. (Slate)

Don’t Believe in Global Warming? That’s Not Very Conservative – Bracken Hendricks, co-author of Apollo’s Fire: Igniting America’s Clean Energy Economy, enumerates the various ways in which opposing government action on global warming actually works against the fundamentals of conservative beliefs. (The Washington Post)

Viral Video – The Obamas are in India and this weekend’s viral video is of the First Lady dancing with disadvantaged Indian children from the Make a Difference charity.