Lindsay Lohan Wants To Open Her Own Rehab Center

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AFP/Getty Images

It’s like they say–stick with what you know.

Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina, told The Today Show on Monday that her daughter’s (repeated) experiences in rehab has inspired the former Disney star to open her own rehab center. Lohan, who is in rehab at this very moment for failing a random drug test, has been in more headlines lately for her alleged drug use and trouble with the law than she has been for her film roles.

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While Lohan’s battle with drugs has been a roller-coaster to say the least, her mother said that Lindsay now understands that she has an addiction–the renowned first step to recovery. Hoping to move forward, Dina said, “She wants to start her own facilities, help other children. She is so public that I think we can only be positive and look to the future to help other families.”

Which is a noble route to go, though would-be patients might be skeptical about the fact that Lohan has been in rehab five times in the last three years, which doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence in her recovery advice. (via ABC News)