Midseason NFL Reading Alert: Tim Tebow Seals His Memoir Deal

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REUTERS/Daron Dean

Ahh, behold, the power of Tebow.

From the moment he put on a Florida Gators uniform, NewsFeed has been captivated by Tim Tebow. Once he secured a Heisman trophy and two NCAA titles, we were prepared to trade several key pieces of our staff to draft him in the first round.

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Unfortunately, NewsFeed failed to attain a pick in the 2010 NFL draft. After listlessly watching Tebow land with the Denver Broncos, we were forced to become the typical fanatic. We bought his jersey. We changed our underwear. We even asked for a Friar Tuck.

Once NewsFeed’s much-maligned “Will You Marry Me” signs fell through, we decided to settle for a chance to read Tebow’s new memoir, Through My Eyes. Harper Collins announced the book deal on Monday, highlighting Tebow’s unique travels as a home-schooled son of Christian missionaries. The book focuses on his five-year journey to college-football stardom and top-prospect status as a pro.

Through NewsFeed’s eyes, Tebow has yet to throw a pass in his rookie campaign, placing him among the elite memoir writers with that distinction. There is time for that chapter to be written, as the book is not slated to hit store shelves until April 2011.

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