For Your Consideration: Rubik’s Cube, the Movie

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NewsFeed once watched an entire subway car enthralled by a guy who made solving a Rubik’s Cube as easy as A-B-C. But would we want to see a movie about it or indeed any aspect of this peculiar toy? No.

News reaches us that no less a prestigious talent agency as CAA has snapped up the rights to arguably Hungary’s most famous ever export, and is set to shop a treatment with various studios and producers about making a movie on the brain-teasing toy.

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On a pop-cultural level, the Rubik’s Cube does have previous with it cropping up in the likes of Dude, Where’s My Car, The Pursuit of Happyness, WALL-E, Duplicity and both Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In and its recent Hollywood remake Let Me In. NewsFeed could make a case for the Cube being less wooden than Duplicity‘s leads of Julia Roberts and Clive Owen but that would just be mean.

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The smart money is that the film will take place at a Rubik’s Cube competition — which sounds about as captivating on paper as it does on screen — but you can bet your bottom dollar that, as we speak, a producer is desperately digging into creator Erno Rubik’s past to see if there are parallels with Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook backstory. NewsFeed took a peak at some sample dialogue and Erno’s impassioned speech about, “If you guys were the inventors of the Rubik’s Cube, you’d have invented the Rubik’s Cube” will surely bring a tear to your eye.

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Mind you, CAA does have some of Hollywood’s biggest hitters in its roster. And if the movie was set at a competition, who wouldn’t want to watch luminous talents such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey and Meryl Streep battle it out to become the undisputed Rubik’s Cube champion of the world? And that sound you can hear? It’s box office takings preparing to go through the roof for if this film doesn’t have the emotional heft of Citizen Kane combined with the searing drama of The Godfather, via the epic elements of Gone With The Wind, then nothing will.