Late Night Gets Serious: Crowe Recounts Darkest Moment of a Life Lived Smoking

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It was an unexpected revelation from one of the world’s most renowned actors. (via Tuned In

Going on the Late Show with David Letterman to hype his new movie The Next Three Days, Crowe and Letterman got to talking about smoking, and that’s when the facts started spilling out.

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Smoking since the age of 10, Crowe had gotten to the point of puffing away 60 cigarettes a day before he was caught by his son, who was mortified by the sight of daddy lighting up. So he quit – until he caved in and lit up the night before appearing on Letterman.

Most celebrity interviews on late-night shows are puff segments. Silly anecdotes about travels or pranks on the movie set. But as Crowe went on for seven minutes about his life spent smoking, and the difficulties he’s faced in trying to quit, things turned quite serious. Here’s the abbreviated, slightly sillier clip posted by CBS. Tuned In has the more extensive, sobering segment from the interview.