Download Conan’s New Theme Song For Free

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TBS / Conaco LLC

Want to have Conan O’Brien’s entrance music blasting through your headphones? You’re in luck.

The new theme music to O’Brien’s TBS talk show Conan is available for free download via Now, who would want a talk show theme song on their iPod? Probably not the majority of Conan’s fan base, but with TeamCoco Web developer Aaron Bleyaert’s hint of more free music to come, we’ve got to wonder whether or not O’Brien will start churning out a few music-comedy numbers for fans. “I wonder when the first remixes will start showing up… (Wink wink)” Bleyaert wrote in a blog post announcing the free download, making us wonder whether O’Brien’s music numbers will increase within the show or as online extras.

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Conan’s musical parodies were a huge part of his recent tour, most notably his take on Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive, a spoofed commentary on his exit from NBC. (Watch it here.) In 2008, TV talk show personality Stephen Colbert released the soundtrack to his Christmas special A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All on iTunes where the album hit the number one spot and even helped garner Colbert a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. So what would fans think of a Conan album? Given O’Brien’s late night resurgence, we’re betting it’d be hard for him to misstep even if he tried.

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