Kanye’s Media Trainer Quits After ‘Today’ Debacle

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Just days after a tense interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Kanye West’s media trainer has reportedly resigned.

The interview, where West clearly falls prey to on-the-spot provoking about some of his more outrageous career moments, aired on The Today Show last Thursday. Described by West as “brutal,” clips of the segment show Lauer replaying videos of the much-seen Taylor Swift VMA interruption followed by George Bush’s reaction to West’s racist accusations surround a sluggish response to victims of Hurricane Katrina. (Watch the interview here.)

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After the taping, West vented to his Twitter followers, eventually canceling an upcoming Today performance and vowing never to appear on the program again. We’re not sure if all of West’s anger is fueled at just Today, or if it stems out further to NBC, and if so, what is the status of West’s scheduled appearance in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is broadcast by the network and co-hosted by – yes, you guessed it – Matt Lauer.

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While the dust seems to have settled a bit on West’s side, Today revisited the interview on this morning’s show, dragging the controversy back up just in time for the Monday morning water cooler chit chat. This comes on top of news that West’s media coach Susie Arons, executive vice president at Rubenstein Communications, has quit following the disastrous interview – to which we can say we’re not surprised given that West seemed genuinely surprised by the broadcast baiting, something a media trainer probably should have warned him of. (via NY Post)