Pamela Anderson Moves Into Indian ‘Big Brother’ House

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And contestants who fear drowning breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Anderson will join the cast of ‘Big Boss’—India’s version of the popular reality TV series—sometime today. The buxom star of Baywatch, who was once the world’s most downloaded woman, will be a breath of fresh air for the ten remaining housemates who have been locked inside since Oct. 3. They includeHrishant Goswami, a 25-year old model who won the 2004 ‘Gladrags Manhunt’ contest, and the Great Khali, a 38-year old professional wrestler and a two-time winner of the Mr. India contest. (Read TIME’s article about Pamela Anderson’s recent role in an Aladdin pantomime.)

“I have done Big Brother Australia,” Anderson, 43, told the Mumbai Mirror after landing at Mumbai’s international airport on Nov. 15. “I am very excited. I always wanted to come to India. This is a great opportunity. I am looking forward to my stay.”

And while this is her first trip to India, it’s not her first high-profile encounter with the country. In January 2009, Anderson—an active member of PETA—sent a letter to municipal authorities in Mumbai and called on them to end the practice of killing stray dogs. (Read about Baywatch Nights, a Baywatch spin-off.)

“It is well established that killing stray dogs is not a permanent solution to controlling their populations,” her letter to the municipal commissioner of Mumbai said. “Dogs cannot use condoms, but with the municipality’s help, they can be ‘fixed’ – painlessly, quickly and permanently.”

Whether watching her 24/7 will be as painless remains to be seen. (See pictures of TIME’s Top 10 reality TV programs.)