National Unfriend Day: Why You Should Purge Your Facebook Friends (And How To Do It)

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Maybe Facebook was started in Edward Zuckerberg's Harvard dorm.

NewsFeed has been waiting for November 17th since Jimmy Kimmel first declared it the newest national holiday. Happy National Unfriend Day!

What better way to lose all of the annoying “friends” who do nothing but complicate your life (or even just aggravate you). It’s time to say, “see ya!”

As we’ve pointed out previously, there are numerous reasons to unfriend — for example, if someone is too negative too often, or if they are your mother. Or consider these 8 other ironclad unfriending justifications.

But what you might not know is just how to unfriend someone. Believe it or not, NewsFeed has had people asking us about this.

It’s simple: Go to the offensive friend’s Facebook profile and scroll down to the bottom left hand corner. There you will see three options: Suggest Friends; Remove from Friends; and Report/Block this Person. Simply click on the second line and tah-dah!–you’ve just cut some “friend fat.”

So NewsFeed fans and Facebook haters, go forth and unfriend! But not before consulting: “The 10 Reasons To Dump Your Facebook Friend