Conan’s New Mission: Take Over MTV?

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Well, maybe not MTV the network; just MTV’s Jersey Shore. Go Team Coco! (via Tuned In)

Yes, the latest mission of the red-haired one involves getting a Conan staff member on to the cast of Jersey Shore – a man Conan says was born to the play the part.

On Wednesday night’s show – a pretty funny episode, including a riotous interview with Russell Brand –  Conan talked all things Jersey with his slick-haired production assistant, getting the low-down on how to dance macho, how to upgrade from AXE body spray to some sort of AXE roll-on alternative, why it’s important to always have back-up hair gel at work, and just what it means to be deemed “baller-class.”

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It was a hilarious segment to watch; but then it turned into a rather serious call for action: Conan wants to get his foot in the door at Jersey Shore in a big big way; and he wants you to help – via the tweets and Facebook strategies outlined in this blog post. Check out the full video of Wednesday night’s Jersey Shore segment, as well as our thoughts on Conan’s web-savvy return to TV, at Tuned In.