Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘National UnFriend Day’: A Celebrity-Filled Success

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He called it “the most important cause ever taken up,” and National UnFriend Day received the type of hype reserved for actually-important causes.

Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel and a flock of famous guests celebrated National UnFriend Day, a Kimmel-created holiday where Facebook users take a serious look at their list of “friends.”

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Kimmel’s phone bank included Fred Willard, Julie Bowen and Kevin Nealon, and Survivor host Jeff Probst said the tribe had spoken — and gave one girl the Facebook axe. Fans even threw parties across the country and corresponded via shaky webcam connections.

IndeFriendence Day, which Kimmel said could “make the world a little less annoying,” appeared to be a success. Even though it’s impossible to count the number of unfriendings around the world, Kimmel’s show counted hundreds of thousands of Facebook “friends” being removed.

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Ultimately, though, Kimmel’s cause won’t even benefit himself. “Can I confide in you guys?” he asked the audience. “I’m not even on Facebook. This just seemed like a fun thing to do.”