Naked Sleepwalker Wins Big in Libel Lawsuit

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Sleepwalking can lead to uncomfortable situations. Luckily for this man, he's still in his pajamas. Kinsella was not. Getty Images.

For most people, sleepwalking naked could lead to various awkward situations. For Donal Kinsella, an Irish businessman, it led to €10 million. 

The back story goes like this: Kinsella was staying in a hotel while on a business trip in Mozambique when he approached the the room of a female co-worker. The problem?  He was naked and fast asleep. His company, Kenmare Resources, later released a press release explaining the incident and calling for his resignation.

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Kinsella took issue with the press release, as his lawyers said that the wording made him seem like he was trying to “jump the company secretary” and that he was now a “laughing stock,” so he sued for libel. The Irish court must have agreed because they’ve ruled that Kenmare should pay Kinsella €10 million–the largest sum ever awarded in an Irish libel case.

Unsurprisingly, after the ruling Kinsella said he felt “exhilarated.” Not a bad outcome for a bout of naked sleepwalking. (via the Guardian)