Reading While Eating for November 19: The Fairest of Them All

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A child, holding a bread, walks on crates on a flooded street in the Bosa neighbourhood in Bogota November 18, 2010. Heavy rains affecting around Colombia have killed 136 people and left 1,190,000 people homeless so far this year, authorities said.

REUTERS/Jose Miguel Gomez

Friday’s links get some sun, make some crafts and map it all out.

Meet America: Census data is often confusing and scattered. This site makes it understandable — and really pretty — and the fact that states vary so greatly is fascinating. (Measure of America, via The Hairpin)

Fugeddaboutit: A growing number of New Yorkers are going to therapy to get rid of their accents after years of mocking. You tawkin’ to me? (New York Times)

Middling Movie: Carey Mulligan is set to play Daisy in a film adaptation of The Great Gatsby. But can any movie really do the book justice? (The Atlantic)

Social World: Tweeting your breakfast may seem insular, but the whole world is doing it. See tweets geographically visualized on this nifty, real-time map. (A World of Tweets, via Flowing Data)

Amazing Art: Think you have a great holiday gift in mind? Your idea pales in comparison to this woman, who made an Avatar mosaic from 4,000 Blu-Ray discs for her husband. (The Daily What)

Surf and Sun: As winter approaches, it’s getting chilly — and bleak — out there. Warm up with photos of Australia’s best beaches. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on Heard a lot about Facebook’s new messaging system? Here’s how it works.

Must See: The latest in Second City‘s series, “Advice from a Cartoon Princess,” features Snow White imparting wisdom on living, platonically, with seven men. (via Jezebel)