Prince William and Kate Middleton Have Wedding Venue “In Mind”

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Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

You have received your invite, haven’t you?
St James’s Palace was delighted to announce Friday the latest increment to what will be the greatest wedding de nos jours: the happy couple now have a specific venue and date in mind. What’s that you ask? That’s not exactly news. As if that stopped anyone when it came to the Royal Family.

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Westminster Abbey emerged as the clear favorite for the location as Kate Middleton was snapped leaving the church earlier this week after taking a private tour (perhaps she just likes touring churches). The couple are supposedly keen on a March date but the British weather might step in because a summer month should be more reliable when it comes to the, “please God, don’t let it rain on our wedding day” front, which is a mantra all engaged British couples say at sunset.

“They’re not going to be rushed and want to take things at their own pace,” said a Palace spokesman. “They’re very important decisions to make and like any couple they want to make sure they’ve properly considered all of the factors.”

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And in other updates, the Daily Mail learns that Middleton is to give up her job as a website designer and photographer for the family business Party Pieces. It had been believed she was planning to be a working princess but the Mail concludes that, “the couple will try to have a child as soon as possible.” For those that are carrying on with their careers, Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed that the wedding day will be decreed a bank holiday so the country can enjoy a “day of national celebration.” And even if it’s on a Saturday, the workforce will be given the Friday or Monday off. NewsFeed has always been of the belief that there aren’t enough Royal weddings.