A Lap Dance Goes Too Far: Judge Faces Charges After Affair With Stripper

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When they say “no sex in the Champagne Room,” they mean it.

A Georgia federal judge has pleaded guilty to federal charges after being arrested for allegedly buying cocaine and other drugs from an exotic dancer with whom he was involved over the past several months, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Jack T. Camp Jr., a senior U.S. District judge, was arrested in October near Sandy Springs, Ga. and accused of purchasing cocaine, marijuana, and prescription medicine from a stripper he met at the Goldrush Showbar in Atlanta, according to the FBI. As a condition of his plea deal, he has resigned his position on the bench.

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Their relationship began when he visited the club and got a private dance from her. He came back the next night for another dance, plus sex, which evolved into a drug and sex-laced tryst. A federal affidavit says the judge sometimes purchased the dope from her and at other times went with the dancer as a pair to buy from other parties.

Camp was appointed to the bench by President Reagan and sat on cases in U.S. District Court for more than 20 years. He retired last year and took senior status on the court, meaning he was still seeing a certain number of cases. But on the flip side, the stripper he was dating had a federal drug trafficking conviction.

Which is probably why he shouldn’t have trusted her: she was wearing a wire and recorded Camp discussing the drug transactions. Eventually she set him up by facilitating a deal where he would be involved in a deal with an undercover agent, posing as a drug dealer.

Camp was arrested with the drugs and two pistols, one whose hammer was cocked, the affidavit said.