Prince William: First A Fiance, Now A Hero

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REUTERS/John Stillwell/POOL/files

In the midst of the pomp and circumstance attached to his public wedding announcement, William shifted away from the spotlight to save a hiker in trouble. (Via People)

People reports that the 28-year-old royal was part of a four-person team that came to the aid of Greg Watkins — a stranded man suffering from chest pains in North Wales last Thursday. William was behind the controls of an RAF Sea King Helicopter that fought through a monstrous storm to reach the 45-year-old on Snowdon Mountain.

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Thanks to William’s deft piloting, Watkins was brought to safety and secured in a hospital before his conditions worsened. Just add that to the long list of reasons why Kate Middleton can call her fiancĂ© a catch.

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