Royal Wedding Details: Westminster Abbey on Friday April 29

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Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

Mark your calenders: Prince William will marry Kate Middleton on Friday 29 April at Westminster Abbey, Clarence House has announced. NewsFeed is going shopping as soon as this piece is written.

The venue was far and away the favored choice in the eyes of experts and bookmakers. Westminster Abbey was the location for the weddings of the Queen and Queen Mother as well as Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. Diana’s wedding took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral and it’s believed that Prince William didn’t want to literally follow in those footsteps, bearing in mind that the marriage didn’t last the course.

(See pictures of Kate Middleton.)

The happy couple wanted a spring wedding, and are said to be “over the moon” and “on cloud nine” with these arrangements. Yet again, William and Kate have shown how in touch they are with modern society by harnessing social networks to get their message out. Not only does the British Monarchy Twitter feed mention Tuesday’s news but a picture of the venue was immediately posted to TwitPic.

(See pictures of Westminster Abbey.)

In terms of costing, the Windsors and the Middletons will pay for the majority of the wedding but the U.K. taxpayer will shell out for security costs and other transport (consider that our gift).

The Friday date means that Britain will enjoy an extra long weekend of four days (the following Monday is also a Bank Holiday) as it has been confirmed that the wedding day would be a Bank Holiday. Now that the wedding falls in the same week as Easter Monday, millions of employees will have a three-day work week. Prime Minister David Cameron said Tuesday: “The wedding of Kate and William will be a happy and momentous occasion. We want to mark the day as one of national celebration, a public holiday will ensure the most people possible will have a chance to celebrate on the day.” Indeed, with the date having been approved by Cameron, officials have been given the all clear to invite heads of state, which means that President Obama could be among the many famous faces on show.

The prince’s private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkington, said that William and Kate were “calling the shots” but had a “rather large supporting cast” to help them. “We know that the world will be watching on April 29, and the couple are very, very keen indeed that the spectacle should be a classic example of what Britain does best,” Lowther-Pinkington said.

(See pictures of Royal weddings.)

Poignantly, April 29 is also St. Catherine’s Day. There can be no doubt about that.


I like how journalists are half of the problem and the other half are our representatives. I hope Obama was your hero Kluger. You write as if you are a pansy.


Rand Paul 2016!

Nobody is better at defending the Bill of Rights.


I wonder if the libertarian ship is about to set sail, or if it has already sailed?

The burning fervor which drove the Ron Paul supporters had four fundamental components: no taxes ever; a desire to legalize pot; the fear that Obama would Take Our Guns(tm); and a deeply held belief that the world outside the US is nothing more than an irrelevant distraction which can and should be ignored in matters big and small.

Rand Paul by and large is copying his dad's gameplan and ideology, but these four core tenets are losing potency because the dems and democrats are embracing them. No party dares raise taxes and, incredibly, both parties aim to lower them ever further; pot is being legalized in state after state; Obama hasn't made any moves to take any guns in 8 years; and the democrats are now perhaps even more isolationist than the republicans (see e.g. Ukraine).

As the political spectrum keeps shifting further to the right, Rand Paul, deep-brown religious rightist Rand Paul, is suddenly almost a centrist.

Can he win an election? I kindof doubt it, he (and his dad) have too much baggage -- but someone else like him could. And probably will.


Rand Paul has the attention of a large group of young Republicans. Does he have the attention of the same percentage of the men and women in the Senate? Has he had a chance to create a Bill and get it passed through the Senate as of late?

I ask this because he sounds as if he wants to lead the nation, he wants to be President, and as President he has to get both the House and Senate to vote his way of thinking. So has he got any of his Bills passed through both the Senate and House?  Or does he merely get media airtime telling us what he thinks no different than Senator Rubio who might as well be trying out to for a job on Univision since has done zero for his Florida constituents.



good to know a real man showed up to straighten things out. you speak as if you are a bully!

this half of what some call journalists, talk-nuts and Fox, are spinning in that little mind of your hateful rant.



he has no chance, he is the latest Lib/con toy. he couldn't govern a city.



It's a unique kind of hubris rooted an entitlement mentality that comes from having a father who ran for President. A similar mentality had Mitt Romney convinced he deserved to be President more than his opponent did. In his mind, Rand Paul gets a free pass from the necessity to have a track record because he inherited legislative credibility.

Nor did Paul have to earn a support base to win his Senate seat - it, too, was inherited.