KFC Will Pay You $20,000 To Give Them A Shout-Out Via Twitter

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REUTERS/Larry Downing

The folks over at ‘We Do Chicken Right’ are calling for submissions. Show your Twitter smarts and Colonel Sanders will reciprocate with cash for your college fund. (Via the Buffalo News).

Even if the Doublicious fails to fit into your diet, KFC’s latest offer has the makings of an original recipe for professional success. The terms of the Colonel Scholar’s Twitter Application Program are simple. Follow @KFC_colonel. Tweet why you embody a committed stance toward education, why you enrich your community, and why you deserve the fast-food giant’s scholarship. Add the tag #KFCScholar and be sure to tweet before this Friday’s deadline (Nov. 26) at 10 p.m. ET.

On December 1, one lucky winner will be feeling S-O-G-double-O-D-GOOD. The scholarship totals $5,000 per year toward a four-year bachelor’s degree at an in-state public university.

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