National Opt-Out Day: Is Anyone Actually Opting Out of Pat-Downs?

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Yesterday, NewsFeed was worried that an online movement, National Opt-Out Day would slow security lines at airports, even forcing people to miss flights as passengers turned down backscatter scans and pat-downs. Turns out, we had no need to worry — only a handful of people have caused any fuss.

The TSA’s official blog is rounding up delays and opt-outs at airports across the country. Many airports are reporting zero opt-outs, with the largest number coming from Atlanta, with 26 opt-outs out of 47,000 passengers being screened. Security wait times were less than 30 minutes across the board. So much for sticking it to the man.

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“It’s a nonevent,” Christopher White, a spokesman for AirTran Airways, told CNN. “When it comes down to it, people want to get to their destinations as quickly and easily as possible.”

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Still stuck in a long line? For more tips on how to get through security quickly, Blogger Bob at the TSA has a few handy hints. Yes, these are from an official TSA blog.

  • Travel Advice for Domesticated Turkeys: Stay away from humans.
  • Travel Advice for Tofu Turkeys: You are not real.
  • Travel Advice for Pilgrims: Leave your muskets at home and refrain from wearing clothing with large buckles.

Who knew the TSA had a sense of humor? (via CNN, Gizmodo)