Reading While Eating for November 24: Love, Laughs and Words

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The Mount Bromo volcano spews smoke as seen from Ngadisari village in Indonesia's East Java province November 24, 2010. Mount Bromo is showing signs of increasing activity, prompting the authorities to raise its status to alert level, an official said on Tuesday.

REUTERS/Sigit Pamungkas

Wednesday’s links explain life through charts and bemoan the TSA.

Wicked Words: The word “OK” is one of the English language’s most common words. But did you know it originally was a condescending term about unintelligent people? (Baltimore Sun, via Kottke)

Love List: The Internet has learned that everything in life can be explained via flowchart. Here’s a look at how relationships are born — and, subsequently, how they die. (The Hairpin)

Funny Folks: Like NewsFeed just said, the Internet loves flowcharts. Want another one? You know you do. This one’s about late-night talk show hosts and has pretty illustrations. (BoingBoing)

Fancy-Free Flight: Apparently, before the TSA could see or feel every minute detail of your body, flying used to be fun. (LIFE)

Web Junk: Remember when YouTube didn’t exist? Try to think back that far. Well, before YouTube, viral videos still existed. Believe it! They were really strange! (Urlesque)

Mind-Blowing Meeting: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like met The Most Interesting Man in the World. The Internet is over; good work, everyone. (The Daily What)

Elsewhere on Check out TimeFrames, TIME’s look at the past decade’s biggest stories.

Must See: Taiwan’s Next Media Animation takes on TSA rage in cartoon form.