The Force Is Strong: Darth Vader Costume Goes On Sale

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An employee adjusts the helmet on a rare Darth Vader costume at Christie's auction house in London

Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

All things being equal, NewsFeed would have rather seen Boba Fett’s helmet up for grabs but we’re not ruling out a last-minute bid either.

Christie’s auction house in London is set to sell Thursday an original Darth Vader costume from Star Wars.  This is your chance to own arguably the most iconic bad guy costume in the history of the movies. And the jet-black helmet, mask and armor is expected to sell for between $250,000 to $365,000 so we hope you’ve been saving.

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Christie’s believes that this particular costume was made for The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, the second film (or the fifth, if you’re being picky) in George Lucas’s sci-fi series. The seller hasn’t been named, and all that’s known is that he/she is an American private collector. Perhaps it’s Lucas himself, who plans to use the money to snap up Christmas presents on Black Friday, a day Darth Vadar would surely approve of. (via AP)

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