Travel Mishaps, Jonas Edition: Airport Security Stops Joe Jonas

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Singers Kevin, Joe and Nick of "The Jonas Brothers". REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Take heart, frustrated flyers. Even a Jonas brother runs into problems when flying now and then.

While trying to board a flight out of Abu Dhabi with girlfriend Ashley Greene of Twilight fame, Joe Jonas was stopped by security who were suspicious of something in his carryon luggage. Turns out the squeaky clean pop-star had placed a set of knives he’d purchased into his carryon bag, instead of his checked luggage.

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His response to the mistake? “Whoopsies.” (Whoopsies? Can you get more Jonas?)

Luckily for Jonas, security simply took the knives away and stored them with the checked luggage. If he’d been stopped in the U.S.–with all the new TSA procedures–who knows what sort of ordeal he’d have to go through. (via US Weekly)

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