Elections, Leaks and Obama’s Basketball Injury: What You’ve Missed on Your Days Off

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is officially over–except for Cyber Monday, which, let’s face it, is part of the package now–you should be back to work and the same old routine. But while you were digesting turkey and battling TSA searches, you missed a lot of, well, news.

Don’t worry NewsFeeders, we’ve compiled a quick list of the must read news stories and features you’ve missed over the holidays.

Elections, elections, elections – Egypt and Haiti both held big elections this weekend and both were fraught with big corruptions. Check out TIME’s break down of Egypt’s polls and the Los Angeles Times’ break down of Haiti’s elections.

Wikileaks Strikes Again – And this time, it’s personal. The whistle-blowing website has released hundreds of thousands of US cables from officials and diplomats, which detail private conversations and scathing commentaries about both US allies and enemies. What could this mean for US global relations? See the story in the Guardian for a breakdown of the leak.

Christmas Tree Bomber – Though foiled, the plot to blow up a Christmas tree at an Oregon lighting ceremony by a 19-year-old Somali-born man stole considerable thunder from Wikileaks news on Sunday. For the full story, check out TIME’s story on the would-be bomber.

Hitchens vs Blair – The atheist writer, Christopher Hitchens, and the former British Prime Minister (and recent Catholic-convert), Tony Blair, held a debate in Toronto on Friday on whether religion is a force for good or evil.  Who came out on top? The Guardian has the full story.

Oh, Willie – Young celebrities aren’t the only ones getting in trouble with the law. Apparently, legends still know how to rock. Musician Willie Nelson was arrested in Texas on Friday for pot possession. Rolling Stone spoke to his harmonica player, Mickey Raphael, who said the aging rocker “feels great.”

Obama Takes 12 – Stitches that is. After a wayward elbow struck him in the lip during a basketball game, the president had to seek medical attention, resulting in 12 stitches. But don’t fret. According to ABC News, he’s already back on the court.

Viral Video – Mall flash mob, the Christmas Edition.