Hairy Situation: What’s the Deal with Tom Brady’s ‘Do?

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George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Step aside Bieber – your hair isn’t the only one making headlines. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is attracting attention (read: ridicule) for his long, flowing locks.

For a guy with the supermodel wife, Tom Brady is certainly sporting a super-scraggly hairdo. His former teammate Damien Woody spouted off to TMZ about the man’s mane.

“That long stuff Tom’s got? That ain’t happenin’,” he said.  Hate to break it to ya, Damien, it is. Woody, who now plays for the Jets, said he prefers the stylings of his current QB Mark Sanchez to the bird’s nest atop Brady’s head.

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Woody thought Tom was more “Hollywood” than Sanchez, thanks to Tom’s arm candy.  But the Patriots’ main man is attracting the cameras for all the wrong reasons.

Some papers are calling it a cover-up –  could there be a bald spot underneath that ‘do? It’s rumored that Brady is even getting hair implants to bulk it up. One thing is for sure – despite his loud hair, Brady’s remaining quiet about the situation. All he’s mentioned is wife Gisele Bundchen has the final say on taking anything off the top.

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Unlike Bieber’s cut, NewsFeed doesn’t think there will be much of a fever surrounding this bouffant. Unless he gets it insured.