Conan O’Brien’s Spider-Man Musical: Better Than the Real Thing?

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the most expensive Broadway show in history, hit the stage this week amid on-stage snafus. Maybe it would have been better off with a basic-cable budget.

The Julie Taymor-directed show has been plagued by delays, excessive spending ($65 million) and technical difficulties. Luckily, the staff of Conan on TBS staged their own “exclusive preview” — and showed us what we all expect from a Spider-Man musical.

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The stars of this staged version really knew how to cut Taymor’s infamously huge budget. Just find a little boy’s Spider-Man costume and use Silly String instead of webs. Though we have to admit the Dr. Octopus costume is pretty great. And what’s a superhero musical without a Wonder Woman cameo? NewsFeed might skip Turn off the Dark (though it’s already made $1 million from ticket sales), but we’d buy tickets for Conan’s musical any day.

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