Introducing Yin Yang: the World’s Largest Pair of Identical Diamonds

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Steinmetz Yin Yang, the world's largest pair of identical diamonds ever cut by man, on display next to a 2-carat diamond. Yin and Yang each weigh more than 35 carats. Photo courtesy of Steinmetz.

Nothing says I love you quite like twin diamonds the size of cherry tomatoes.

This afternoon, at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum, iconic diamond cutters Steinmetz will unveil Steinmetz Yin Yang, the world’s largest pair of identically cut diamonds.

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Pictured above, they dwarf your standard 2-carat diamond in more than just size. The duo of diamonds—which each weigh more than 35 carats—have received the highest quality grading in terms of color (D-color) and clarity (flawless). For those of you who don’t speak diamond, that means they’re truly rare and fabulous.

“More than a year was spent by a team of Steinmetz craftsmen to finish the perfectly matched pair of Round Brilliant cut stones,” Nir Livnat, Chairman of Steinmetz Diamonds, said in a statement.

They’re also incredibly expensive. Around 200 investors and international financiers will have a chance to see them firsthand today at Bloomberg Link’s Hedge Funds 2010 event. If they aren’t sold privately, Yin and Yang will likely be auctioned at Sotheby’s Diamonds in the coming months. Early estimates suggest they should fetch at least $18 million.

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