Malaysia Starts Women-Only Bus Service To Fight Sexual Harassment

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Malay and Indian women share a light moment as they leave office after work in Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpur. REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad/Files (MALAYSIA)

Crowded buses are hot and sticky, and sometimes men grab on to more than the rails. So transport officials in Kuala Lumpur have launched the Rapid Lady Bus service, which will carry women—and only women—through the city during rush hour. Speaking to the New Straits Times, one 41-year old woman said the new system is about more than sexual harassment.

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“I hope men will not think we are a pampered lot,” she said. “They must admit that they are bigger and it gets uncomfortable when the buses are packed.”

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It’s also uncomfortable when a man twice your size places his hands on your bosom. According to the AFP, that compelled Malaysian Railway to launch pink women-only train coaches last April. The northern state of Terengganu also has plans to establish a male-free waterfall site where the fairer sex can bathe and picnic without men ogling.