Reading While Eating for December 3: Bust a Move

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Members of Qatar's delegation react after the announcement that Qatar is going to be host nation for the FIFA World Cup 2022, in Zurich December 2, 2010.

REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

Friday’s links get hot and grow old.

Poor Playtime: Shopping for the kid in your life? Make sure you avoid the 10 worst toys of the season. (TechCrunch)

Cell-Phone Slips: Ever get a mistaken text? Due to a strange Verizon glitch, this woman receives a lot of them. (The Leila Texts, via The Hairpin)

Time Flies: Speaking of kids, watch this girl age ten years in two minutes. (Kottke)

Burn, Baby, Burn: Israel is currently battling raging fires. They’re massive, scary, and make for eerily gorgeous photos. (LIFE)

Raking It In: Ever wonder how people make money on the Internet, when seemingly everything is free? This handly flowchart explains it all. (Fast Company)

Dude, Where Is It: “Lost” signs typically search for dogs or cats. But what happens when, Ashton Kutcher-style, you lose your car? (The Daily What)

Elsewhere on FIFA chose Russia and Qatar to host World Cups. What do the choices tell us about the world?

Must See: Get excited for the weekend with this montage of people dancing in movies and TV shows. We love all the clips of the under-appreciated Community, but could a little Glee really have hurt? (via Vulture)