Reading While Eating for December 6: Holiday Lights and Teddy Bears

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A sledger's boots are visible in an explosion of snow during an attempt to jump a ramp at the Queen Elizabeth country park near Petersfield in southern England December 3, 2010.

REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Start the week out right with a link-filled energy boost.

Health Scare: America’s obesity epidemic has had disastrous health effects. This interactive map of the rise of diabetes in the country is pretty frightening, especially for the South. (Slate)

Comic Champ: The real king of late-night television? No, it’s not Coco or Leno — it’s Jimmy Kimmel. Here’s why. (Salon)

Bully Battles: Cyberbullying is a new and scary phenomenon. And it’s one that parents don’t know how to fight. (New York Times)

Twinkle Twinkle: Getting into the holiday spirit? See photos of spectacular lights around the world. (LIFE)

Nerdy Love: Want to give that math geek in your life something special for the holidays? Have a theorem named after him. (via Boing Boing)

Funny Games: For a good chuckle, British humor legends Monty Python will The Ministry of Silly Games on Facebook. (Kotaku)

Elsewhere on Get them stuck in your head and get it over with — check out the top 10 overplayed Christmas songs.

Must See: This cat does what NewsFeed wishes it could have done this morning. We’re seething with jealousy. (via Videogum)